Reflected Reality

An immersive display designed to offer a true-to-life experience.

Design. Visualize. Build.

Three formats to fit all your professional needs

Our unique immersive environment enables professionals working with high value 3D content to leverage the full potential of their data. It is built to answer the requirements of multiple industries for simulation, training and visualization applications.

Immersive Workstation

Design, visualize and build your work

Immersive Theater

Showcase your work

Immersive Auditorium

Showcase your work for an audience

Created for your industry

Leverage Reality Models

Large infrastructure projects are complex. Station IX facilitates the design and review of your BIM workflows to increase productivity and minimize project risks.

Explore the Future. Before Building It

Station IX enables virtual visits of high value projects to facilitate finalization of designs, permitting process and public consultations. It also serves as a unique tool for high-end retail sales enabling live customizations to wow your customers.

Training. Operations. Command center

From marksmanship training to terrain data visualization, Station IX is at the center of your tactical operations. Create your custom command center and lead your taskforce to success.

Avoid catastrophic events. Save lives.

Station IX brings Live, Virtual and Constructive simulation to a new level. Leverage immersion, visualize complex environments and concepts, offer superior training and minimize risk of catastrophic events.

Visualize. Design. Showcase.

Station IX empowers your engineering teams, enabling them to visualize, design and showcase tomorrow's products in a collaborative and interactive environment

Visualize Complex Data

With Station IX, your team will be able to visualize and gain a better understanding of large, complex data sets. Superior data analysis to drive improved productivity of your capital investment budget.

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